Welcome to Reformed University Fellowship at TCU! We're glad you've found us. We long to be a community of students, “convinced” and the “unconvinced" alike, learning to love God, people, and TCU. Regardless of your beliefs (or doubts), RUF is a community where you can belong so that you can explore Christianity, grow in your understanding of who Jesus is, and learn what it looks like to walk with Him. We hope you'll join us! 

In light of the above, we hope and pray that several things will be realize in our ministry: 

Renewed People

The gospel alone holds the power to truly change our lives.  When we rely on Jesus’ work and record (rather than our own) for our relationship with God; God not only forgives us, but lavishes his love and acceptance upon us and gives us a radical new identity.  He frees us from the bondage to the things that once drove us, and he enables us to accept people we once excluded – even people who believe radically different things about the world than we do.  The gospel is never something we can do without.

A Robust & Diverse Community

God not only renews us individually, but also gathers us into a new kind of community – a new family, which is the church - so that we might learn how to live out the implications of the gospel together.  The gospel breaks down economic, social, and racial barriers and enables us to use influence, wealth, and status in life-giving ways.  As the gospel transforms our relationships we trust that it will provide a partial - but real - glimpse of God’s kingdom and the future redemption of all of creation.

Equipping Leaders

The gospel provides us with resources for living as Human Beings within the church, culture and our unique vocations.  We are committed to helping one another identify, develop, and exercise the unique set of gifts that God has given us with gospel excellence and distinctiveness so that we might be servant leaders in RUF, our families and churches, the academy, business, medicine, government, media, and the arts. RUF is committed to seeing students grow in Grace!


Jesus’ goal is nothing less than the renewal of all things, and he calls us to play an active role in his mission to re-weave the fabric of our world.  To that end, we are committed to tangibly expressing God’s loving care for the world by sacrificially serving our friends, classmates, faculty and administration and by displaying mercy and seeking justice in our locale.  As we share the gospel through the words we speak, reflect it in the deeds we perform, and embody it in our community, we demonstrate to the watching world what God's vision for the world is like.