While often confusing at first, the word “reformed” simply means that we embrace the basic principles rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation.  Additionally, since we are all still in process , we continually endeavor to have our hearts and minds and hands “reformed” by the light of God’s truth and grace.


We aim to be a ministry to and through TCU students.  Our hope is that TCU would be a better place because of RUF. We aim to selflessly love and serve the campus (its persons, structures, administration, etc.) in all that we do. So, while we are a community, we long to be a community on mission. 


The English poet, John Donne, once famously quipped, "No man is an island." We believe this to be true at RUF! We need each other and long to love one another well. We are a community of 'glorious ruins', Christian and non-Christian, seeking to do life together unto the end that God might be known in our midst.